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Seize The Day Set

Cam's Coffee Co.



Seize The Day Set is the ultimate way to start and seize your day (or for someone who definitely needs it!). Included is a coffee body polish, a bag of Lift Coffee, and our Comfort Tea.

Everything You Need To Seize Your Day:

Coffee Body Polish

This caffeinated Lift body scrub uses sugar granules to gently exfoliate your skin. The natural oils within deeply moisturize your body to replenish hydration, leaving a firm and polished result for a healthy glow.

  Hustle Juice Coffee

Enjoy a bag of Hustle Juice coffee which features an extra boost of caffeine that you need to start your day feeling energized. If you're a coffee-lover, then you are going to love this Lift Box.

Comfort tea

A soothing blend of lemon, chamomile, and lavender, the Comfort Tea is for those who desperately need a bit of comfort in their lives. Within moments of brewing, one can delight in a pleasantly calming experience thanks to its aromatic presence and delicious taste. It's an ideal gift for tea lovers or anyone who needs to relax after a challenging day.



  • Caffeinated body scrub
  • Exfoliates body with sugar granules
  • Natural oils - moisturizes
  • Leaves firm + beautiful polished skin with natural glow
  • Lift Coffee Bag for an added caffeine boost
  • Comfort Tea promotes a healthy sense of wellbeing

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